Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku vs Beerus – Comparison

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Goku’s Mastered Ultra Instinct made him the strongest mortal in Universe 7, and quite possibly in all the known Universes. Prior to that, be was pretty powerful. However, he was still no match for the Gods of Destruction. But now, with Ultra Instinct coming into play, we have a lot of stuff to think over. The question is, is Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku stronger than Beerus?

Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku vs Beerus – Comparison : A definitive answer to this question probably cannot be provided. The scaling in Dragon Ball Super was crap, and we know that it would alter every other episode. So everything that I say beyond this is purely my own opinion. Yours can differ from mine, and that’s completely fine.

In my opinion, Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku is slightly stronger than Beerus. However, if the two were to fight, I think Beerus would come out victorious. This is because of two reasons. The first reason a Goku cannot maintain Mastered Ultra Instinct for more then 3 minutes. There is no way a fight with Beerus can possibly be wrapped within 3 minutes.

The second reason is that Beerus is a God of Destruction. He has hax techniques like Hakai, and there are probably more that we aren’t even aware of. In terms of strength, I think Goku with Mastered Ultra Instinct is above Beerus. But like I said, if the two were to fight, I think Beerus would win.

Now, if you remove the time limit of Mastered Ultra Instinct, I think Goku can possibly win against Beerus. But we know that he cannot do that right now. He hasn’t even learned to enter Mastered Ultra Instinct state, or even Omen state right now. So, if you expect Goku to win against Beerus or surpass him, he would need to completely master Ultra Instinct first.

Then only does he stand a chance. Tournament of Power Goku was really impressive and if he does learn how to do it at will, I think Beerus might possibly lose to him. But of course, that’s just my opinion. You may have a different take on this, and I’ll be glad to hear it in the comments section.

The Strongest And Oldest God of Destruction – Proofs : The Gods of Destruction are some of the most powerful characters in the Dragon Ball Super world. They are beings who have the power to destroy, even erase planets, or a Universe at will. Beerus was the first God of Destruction we saw in Dragon Ball, and he made his debut back in Battle of Gods. Afterwards, we were introduced to Champa and the concept of a God of Destruction for each Universe came up.

Since then, fans have been arguing who the strongest God of the is. Some say it is Beerus. Others say it can be Quitela, and there are even those who say Belmod is probably the strongest God of Destruction. So, today I wanted to discuss who I think the strongest God or Destruction is, and why I think so. So let’s begin. Beerus is probably one of the strongest.

I think everyone agrees that Beerus is probably one of the strongest God of Destruction. Even if he may not be at the top, he is very close to it. Quitela is a God of Destruction who we know has beaten Beerus before. However, he only beat him at arm wrestling. It wasn’t something serious. Before the Tournament of Power, the Gods of Destruction had a little fight of their own, and they all fought pretty well.

You could see that Beerus was one of the strongest there. He even used Ultra Instinct against the Gods of Destruction, who had a lot of trouble dealing with him. Again, I think Quitela and Belmod impressed us there, but I’m pretty sure that it is Beerus who is the strongest God of Destruction. Beerus has been a God of Destruction for a very long time..

In Dragon Ball Super manga, Belmod commented that he has been a God of Destruction for 267,974 years now, and that he is looking for a successor. Everyone knows that he wants Toppo to succeed since Jiren isn’t interested in being a God of Destruction. On the other hand, we have Beerus who has been a God of Destruction for more than 75 million years now, since he sealed the Kai in the Z Sword.

The fact that Beerus has been a God of Destruction for a lot longer than the rest means that he certainly has a lot more experience than the others do. Because of this reason, I think Beerus might just be the strongest God of Destruction that exists. Maybe there is someone stronger than him, but to me it seems like Beerus is probably the strongest because of all the experience.

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