Jiren’s Return In Dragon Ball Super – Explained

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Jiren became one of the most iconic antagonists in the Dragon Ball Universe during the Tournament of Power. One could argue that he is the strongest that Goku has ever encountered in his journey so far, and he certainly did need to go all out in order to be able to fight against this monster. With the defeat of Universe 11 at the end of Episode 131 of Dragon Ball Super, Jiren and everyone else got erased.

However, Android 17 wished every Universe back, so because of that, Jiren was brought back to life along with all the other Universes as well. We saw that Jiren’s personality had really changed thereafter, and this was mainly because of Goku’s influence. He even wished to see Goku once again, and fight him.

But will that ever happen? Will we see Jiren’s return in Dragon Ball Super’s sequel (if there is one)? I’m pretty sure we will. When you look at Jiren, you see someone who is just too powerful. Rising to the level of a God of Destruction really does take a lot of effort, and Jiren was the only known mortal to do so by the time of the Tournament of Power. He cannot be sidelined so easily.

At the end of Dragon Ball Super Episode 131, we basically got confirmation that Jiren was looking forward to fight Son Goku once again, and that he considered him his friend now. That was the first bond that Jiren had made ever since his loved ones died. So, I think Jiren’s return will be important to the story.

What’s more, we haven’t seen Jiren’s story conclude yet. Jiren’s past held him back, and he has finally let go of that. But we don’t know who the great evil that managed to kill his parents was. What became of him? If he’s still a threat, Jiren will have to face him again. If not then I suppose Goku and the others will probably find themselves in Universe 11.

We all know that Vegeta wants to visit Universe 6’s Planet Sadala, so visiting Universe 11 doesn’t seem to out of sorts. I’m sure we’ll see that happening in Dragon Ball Super if the series does return. Of course, we’ll have to wait a lot, but let’s see what happens and hope for Jiren’s return.

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