12 Biggest Mistakes That You Never Noticed In Dragon Ball

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Dragon Ball Z is one of the most successful anime series of all time. It had everything that a person would want from an anime series. Dragon Ball Z is very well known for its awesome battles, however, despite being so good, it has a few mistakes that you may or may not have noticed. So, today I have made a list of the biggest mistakes in Dragon Ball Z.
12. The Real Hero of DBZ-

This is one the biggest mistakes made by the DBZ creators. Gohan was all set to become the next big thing. However, after the Cell Saga, it all went wrong for Gohan. He was turned into a family man instead of the hero he was always meant to be.
11. Hyperbolic Time Chamber Fumble-

When Gotenks and Super Buu escape from the Hyperbolic time chamber, Piccolo said that the seconds in the Hyperbolic time chamber were compared to hours in the real world. It contradicts the whole thing as it should actually be the reverse of what Piccolo said.
10. You Don’t Die Twice-

Goku has said it time and time in the series that if you die after being revived, then you will die completely and there will be no turning back. However, in Dragon Ball GT, Freeza and Cell regenerate once again when Goku defeats them
9. Only Some Tails Grow-.
When Vegeta got his tail cut off from Yajirobe during his fight with Gokū, it never grew back. Because in the past we’ve seen Gohan and Goku growing back their tails in the same episode. While Vegeta on the other hand just seemed to have just one tail.

8. Disappearance of Launch-
Launch was introduced way back in the Dragon Ball series. She could change from a timid girl to a killer in the blink of an eye. Rather she would change after just a sneeze. She became one of the most loved characters in the series cause she bought a brand new twist with her personality. However, she was erased from Dragon Ball Z which was because of Toriyama’s mistake who forgot about her until the later part of Dragon Ball Z.
7. How Old Are They?

One of the biggest mysteries in the Dragon Ball Series is the age of Trunks and Goten. These kids are like Peter Pan, they don’t grow at all. Trunks and Goten look the same as they were at the end of Dragon Ball Z. It’s Dragon Ball Super right now and both of them are the same.
7. Regenerating Cell-
The Cell saga in Dragon Ball Z has taken a lot scrutiny from the fans because of the inconsistency in the series. Cell had a different level of Regeneration powers. He was able to recover his lost head while he was fighting Goku. His level of regeneration starts going crazy as he is able to recover even after self-destructing himself.
6. Saiyans can’t fight in space-

It was made obvious by Freeza that if there is no atmosphere, Goku won’t be able to live. However, this was proven to be wrong as in Battle of Gods, Goku was able to fight against Beerus in space.
5. Power levels don’t mean anything-

In the early parts of the series, power levels were very important. However, as we move forward in the series, they really don’t mean anything. With so many new transformations, it has become almost impossible to scale the power of a fighter.
4. Life after Death-

If we go according to the series, people who are nice get to keep their body for training purposes or for just to live out their lives beyond the grave. However, this is contradicted by the fact that almost every villain whose body count is greater than the population of the Earth are allowed to do whatever they like.
3. No Super Saiyan 2??

Akira Toriyama is one of the worst mangakas when it comes to the memory department. In the battle of Gods, when Goku transformed from Super Saiyan to Super Saiyan God, he didn’t use the Super Saiyan 2. Later, Toriyama admitted that he completely forgot about Super Saiyan 2.
2. Elder Kai’s Forgotten Fusion-

Elder Kai appeared in Dragon Ball Z during the Buu Saga. It was after Gohan after broke the Z-Sword. The old Kai explained that he became old after accidentally merging with a witch. In Dragon Ball Super, it was revealed that no fusion lasts forever unless two Kais fuse. However, it doesn’t make sense for the fusion with the witch to last.
1. Planet Vegeta—
The destruction of planet Vegeta was caused after the tyrant Frieza became wary of the Saiyan’s potential However during Raditz arrival on earth, Raditz tells Goku about the planet which is totally off base from what actually happened. He tells Goku that a meteor hit the planet and thus extinguishing the race.

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