Will We See Ultra Instinct In The New Dragon Ball Super Movie?

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Goku utilized the Omen, and the Mastered form of Ultra Instinct in the Tournament of Power. The Mastered form granted him power that was superior to Jiren’s own power, and we all know Jiren is already above a God of Destruction in terms of power. Mastered Ultra Instinct is something not even Beerus can use right now, so Goku was really in a world of his own during the final fight against Jiren.

However, after the Tournament of Power, Goku made a confession, saying that he cannot trigger Ultra Instinct anymore. The reason being he doesn’t even know how to do it. So, when you think about it, Goku hasn’t really mastered the Ultra Instinct. Sure he has mastered the usage of the ability. However, he doesn’t know how to trigger the form. So will we see Ultra Instinct in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie?

I think we will. The reason behind this is that the upcoming movie is a sequel of Dragon Ball Super anime, so it will contain events from after the Tournament of Power. The villain looks like a very strong Saiyan. If he’s comparable to Goku in any sense, and if Goku does indeed have a lot of trouble dealing with him, I’m sure Ultra Instinct will be triggered, and Goku will once again be able to utilize this godly powers. He will need to train his body to handle this power better though. The last time he used it, he was left in a very bad shape, so let’s hope that doesn’t happen again.
Do you think we’ll see Ultra Instinct return in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super Movie? Let me know in the comments section below!

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