These Bulma Cosplay Are The Hottest Ones You Will Ever See!!!

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Anime is a prominent source of inspiration for the cosplay community, with both male and female characters showing up at conventions. Due to their widespread appeal, the shōnen genre is one of the most over-represented. For a time, it was impossible to not see a Mikasa or Naruto running around, especially as the popularity of the shows grew.
Once they were done and dusted, cosplay based on these anime tends to slowly decrease before outright disappearing. A show would need to be particularly special to pop up at conventions years after its conclusion. Bulma played a pivotal part in the original series before the importance of her role decreased in the sequels.
While some fans might be partial to Android 18, Vegeta’s wife introduced viewers to the concept of a waifu. After all these years, cosplayers continue to step into Bulma’s shoes, with a few knocking it out of the park. Time to get to the main event! Here are shameless Bulma cosplay that will summon the dragon.
Four Stars

A Fan’s Passion


You Never Forget Your First

Searching For Those Damn Dragon Balls

One More Dragon Ball

Bulma’s Roadtrip

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