The identity of the New Saiyan revealed

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The first primitive Saiyan of Universe Seven, whose warrior once inhabited the planet Sadala long before the migration of the Saiyans to the planet Vegeta. His name is Shallot and he was confused with Yamoshi during the last few weeks.

Basket Warrior, of course, has been created by Toriyama himself, so he is expected to play a leading role in the events that are about to happen and with some luck, perhaps also in the new film and/or future events of the franchise.

At the moment, Shallot is an exclusive character of the popular “#Dragon BallLegends” game and has some features and personalization options, to the point of being able to change your outfit at your whim. That is why the officialsite shows us a first glimpse of how it would look like a shallot with Son Goku's outfit.

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