Revelations on why Frieza didn't betray Goku in the Power Tournament

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Many Dragon ball fans weren't sure about the final result of the "Power tournament," mainly because they doubted the loyalty of "Frieza ," of who they were pretty certain that would betray "Goku" at the event in any moment; However, that never happened. The reason of his commitment to the "7th Universe" had apparently been disclosed in the final chapter of the series when "Frieza " and "Goku" negotiated at the last moment to defeat "Jiren."

However, recently the volume 34 of the manga revealed that "The evil emperor" had previously an idea of what he wanted to do in the Power tournament and he wasn't interested in betraying the main character of Dragon Ball Super, at least not at that moment.

"Save your gratitude. It doesn't help if we do not win and we survive. Later I will take care of the 'Saiyan' personally, "said the famous villain to" Gohan "in the manga, the moment they tricked" Frost "to eliminate him from the Power tournament.

This gives an idea of what will probably happen later in Dragon Ball, either in the new chapters or the film, as the villain continues with the purpose of eliminating the race of "Goku" and everyone will want to know the outcome of his plans

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