Official Dragon Ball Site Releases All Of Android 17’s Secrets!

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Dragon Ball Super has come recently come to an end after nearly three years of being on the air and in production, and the finale of the series brought it to a fulfilling conclusion.

Fans were especially excited to see that the final winner of the Tournament of Power was Android 17, and it seems that Toei Animation and the staff behind the show thought the same and they paid tribute to the character in a big way.

For April Fool's Day in Japan, the official Dragon Ball website has transformed into the "Android 17 Official Site" in "recognition of Android 17's great efforts in the Tournament of Power." You can check out the new website over at this link.
Along with the new face, the site has some special articles for Android 17. While none of them bear new information (and only serve to reiterate info Toriyama has shared in the past such as Android 17's human name Lapis), this is a cool tribute to an even cooler character.

Well, keeping jokes aside, one key article was posted on the official Dragon Ball website regarding Android 17. It’s an interview with Dr. Gero. They have staged it in such a way where the questions about Android 17’s secret is answered by Dr. Gero himself. That’s some good thinking actually and pretty funny too.

How was No. 17 made? – Gero: “No. 17 was a ‘human base’ android like me, Android 20. Instead of being created from scratch like a purely artificial android, he was created by modifying a human.” So Android 17 is a human based android. This would shut up the people who kept on saying that No. 17 is a cyborg and not an android.

What characterizes “human base” androids? – Gero:“Since they’re basically humans, they can grow stronger by training. It seems that the modification slows the deterioration of their cells, so they age slowly.”  Okay, so Android 17 and 18 are not immortal like Master Roshi, they will age surely but slowly and one day die of natural cause.

Did 17 and 18 undergo the same modifications? – Gero:“Since I focused too much on 17’s power and he wouldn’t listen to orders, I made 18 with her power more restrained than 17’s. Although in the end she didn’t listen to my orders either…”  Hahahahaha  Gero: “What’s so funny?” (Dr. Gero is really one of a kind genius though).

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