New DBS Theory Reveals Another Universe With Saiyans And Its Totally Possible

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Hey everyone! Today, I want to talk about the Saiyans. Saiyans are race that exist in Universe 7, and Universe 6. They’re born warriors, and they have the ability to get stronger as they fight. So far, the Saiyans have been central to the story of Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball Super. We’ve seen so much focus on them, and they’ve become the main characters, really.

Before Super, Universe 7 Saiyans were the only ones we knew of, because we didn’t know there was another Universe similar to this one. However, Dragon Ball Super changed that dramatically. When the concept of Twin Universe was introduced, and we found out that Universe 7 had a twin in Universe 6, everyone wanted to see the U6 Saiyans.

We finally got to see them in the Tournament of Power, and they didn’t disappoint. They were all very powerful. I’m sure that despite Universe 6 being erased, they’ll return by the end of the show, and that won’t be the end of them. They’re just too important to the story, and even though Super is ending, I think if we get a sequel, they’ll be very important.

But they aren’t the only ones I want to talk about. I’m also here to talk about another Universe with the Saiyan race. That’s right. Now, this is just theory, so take it with a grain of salt. This is just for entertainment purposes, and if you’re easily annoyed, there’s no reason for you to continue. We all know that originally there were 18 Universes.
Zeno decided to erase 6 of them once when he was in a bad mood. This left us with 12 Universes, and each of them formed a pair. If you look at it, the pairs must have existed since before the Universes we’re destroyed. Isn’t it too convenient that all the pairs survived? It does seem that way, and according to this theory, the Universes originally existed as triplets.
Universe could have originally existed as 1-12-18, 2-11-17, 3-9-16, 4-10-15, 5-8-14, 6-7-13. So, along with Universe 6 and Universe 7, Universe 13 would have the Saiyans as well. This would mean that Universe 13 could be important to the future of the series. If, say for example, Goku were to win and ask Zeno to revive all the Universes, then Universe 13 would also be revived, and so will the Saiyans of Universe 13.
It is a really interesting idea, and it would set up a great ending of Dragon Ball Super for what’s to come in the new series. Of course, it could very well be wrong, but that’s what a theory is about. I hope you guys had fun reading this. I’ll see you all soon!

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