Akira Toriyama reveals the true origin of Beerus

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Since we saw him for the first time in The Battle of the Gods, Bills, the god of destruction, earned our respect.
This character knew how to occupy a place that has always made the Dragon Ball series great: the spot for the good villains. Bills lived up to the best, not only strong but also fun.

During all this time it has been said that Bills could be a personification of Anubis, the Egyptian god of death, or one of the cats that appear in the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt. And although the explanation is not any of those, there is something true about it.

Thanks to a translator hero on Twitter, we now know that in the Dragon Ball Super anniversary book, Akira Toriyama himself revealed that Bills is inspired by "Debo," the sphinx cat that is his favorite pet.

At the beginning of Dragon Ball, when Goku was a boy, Toriyama used to draw himself and his friends in the adventures (he did not miss even one of the martial arts tournaments), until he suddenly stopped doing it and was replaced by the famous "Toribot." So it is not the first time that the mangaka shares some of his personal life in his work.

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