5 Characters Who Could Be The New Saiyan In The Dragon Ball Super Movie

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The new Dragon Ball Super movie is coming out in December, 2018 and the hype for the movie is already through the roof. A few weeks ago, we got a 30 second teaser for the upcoming movie, featuring new character designer Naohiro Shintani. The tear showed us Goku fighting against a Saiyan who we may, or may not have seen before. That Saiyan has been a talking point in the Dragon Ball community for days now, and I have compiled a list of 5 characters who I think might be the real identity of this Saiyan:
5. Broly
I think everyone might have guessed that the Saiyan who we saw in the teaser could be Broly. I’m not denying the possibility, but I don’t think that’s him. Broly probably won’t be appearing in Dragon Ball Super, and I don’t even want a character as boring as him to appear. Still, it is a possibility, so that’s why he’s included.

4. Bardock
Bardock is another character that could possibly be in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie. We already know about Time breaker Bardock, so I’m not denying the possibility of him being able to making his Super debut here. Again, personally, I think there is no chance that he’ll be the Saiyan that Goku is fighting. I wouldn’t want that to happen either.
3. King Sadala

According to Cabba, the King of the Saiyans on Planet Sadala is very strong like Vegeta. Vegeta promised to visit the planet someday and meet him. This could be where the new movie takes place, and maybe that’s how Goku fights King Sadala. I think this is a big possibility.
2. New Universe 7 Saiyan
The last two pure-blooded Saiyans in Dragon Ball Super are Goku, and Vegeta. If you want to include Tarble, and Broly, that makes it 4. There is possibility that another Saiyan lives in Universe 7 who we just don’t know about yet. I think many people see it this way, and if it does end up happening, I wouldn’t mind it a bit.
1. New Universe 6 Saiyan

 The Universe 6 Saiyan race isn’t extinct like the Universe 7 Saiyan race. There are so many Saiyans alive there, and frankly it could just be one of them. This is the most sensible possibility in my opinion, and I think it is definitely going to be a new Saiyan from Universe 6. I may be wrong, but for now, that’s what I believe.
Who do you think the new Saiyan will be? Let me know in the comments section!

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