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Hey guys. Androids are one of the most amazing creatures in the Dragon Ball franchise. So, today I am here with the list of 13 facts about the Androids.
13. Goku has never defeated an Android. This is one of the lesser known facts. Goku has never defeated an Android in a fight, in a canon fight. It is strange considering that Gokū has defeated almost every type of villain. Goku fought Android 19 and he lost. He was unable to keep up with the android because of his heart condition.
12. The Androids are based off the Terminator. The famous Android Saga is made up of two manga volumes. The second volume is titled “Rise of the Machines.” Now that does sound similar. Akira Toriyama is fan of the series and was inspired to create the Androids as a result.
11. 17 And 18 were forcibly turned.

Into Androids. This is a detail that anime only fans will have missed. Androids 17 and 18 we’re turned into Androids against their wishes. Dr. Gero kidnapped them while they were teenagers.
10. Arale is the strongest Android. Toriyama has been guilty of often forgetting about characters. Same thing with Arale Norimaki. She is unfamiliar to most of the fanbase. However, she is the first and the strongest android who appeared in all of Dragon Ball.
9. Majin Buu made a snack of Android 18. The notorious big blob of blubber was responsible for turning Android 18 into a midnight snack.
8. Android 17 & 18 have died multiple times in the series. Almost every character in Dragon Ball Z has kicked the bucket at some point. Both Android 17 and 18 have died twice.
7. They killed Future Gohan. In the future timeline, Trunks and Gohan are fighting to protect the peace of Earth. However, 17 & 18 corner Gohan and kill him in the fight.
6. The Androids are stronger than Super Saiyans. In the early parts of the series, Super Saiyans were considered amazingly powerful. However, Dr. Gero unleashed Android 17 and 18, and they made short work of Vegeta.

5. Android 16 Is Modeled After Gero’s Son. Dr. Gero despised Goku. His son was killed by the opposing army. Gero turned himself into an Android and started to create other Androids as well.
4. The Androids have a really bad reputation of terrorizing people. They are without any doubt, really powerful enemies. They are responsible for terrorizing several timelines in the franchise.
3. Toriyama’s Editor didn’t like the Androids at all. Both the Android and Cell Saga are two of the most important series in the Dragon Ball franchise. However, Cell was never going to be a part in the show, because of Toriyama’s editor.
2. 17 and 18 have fused twice. Well, that was a cool fusion and when they are fused, they go by the name, Android 17&18.
1. Androids have a bad reputation of psychologically torturing their enemies. All of the Androids are super powerful and they even stronger than an average Saiyan and they have a sadistic side to them.

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