10 facts that you might not know about Vegeta

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1- He is the eldest son of King Vegeta, and the surviving prince of his planet, destroyed by Frieza, he is the eternal rival of Son Goku, older brother of Tarble, husband of Bulma and father of Trunks and Bra. 2 - Vegeta is a cold and intelligent Saiyan, not very expressive and full of resentment for Frieza's betrayal to his race. Vegeta despises the companionship, leaning on his own merits to act and rarely accepts the help in a fight. 3- Vegeta's "pride" has been unquestionably reflected as his greatest strength, as well as his greatest weakness, demonstrating, on the one hand, his dedication and persistence in surpassing himself. But on the other side, it releases the worst of his personality, and several villains have been able to take advantage of this against him. 4- Like most Saiyans, he is extremely arrogant and proud, to the point of being overbearing, for he firmly believes that his abilities as a high-class Saiyan make him a superior warrior. Sometimes opting to kill his enemies without mercy if it is possible, and acting in a mean and cynical way to abandon or betray his allies when they are no longer useful. 5- Vegeta calls himself the prince of the Saiyans when technically he is the King, since his father died, but according to the rules of royal protocol in which apparently Akira Toriyama was based, Vegeta would have to marry and own lands to be declared king, but his planet exploded and it has never been said for sure if he is married to Bulma. It is possible that he will not be a king since his race is almost extinct. 6 - Akira Toriyama says Vegeta is one of his least favorite characters His jump to the side of the heroes could be seen as a mix-up, and although technically he is no longer a villain, you can not call him a friend either, since many of the Z warriors don't like him. (being Yamcha, Piccolo, Ten Shin Han and Chaozu to whom the antipathy is most noticeable). Also, that is why their sons Trunks and Bra were born with a human aspect (light hair and blue eyes), so Toriyama hinted that Vegeta's blood was not strong enough to genetically cover the physical aspects of his children and indirectly hurt his Saiyan pride.

7 - Vegeta and Goku curiously die sacrificing themselves to save the earth, Majin Vegeta to kill Majin Buu and Goku to save the Earth from Cell, strangely none achieves the mission, as Majin Buu and Cell regenerate again.

8- The first appearance of Vegeta has shown him with reddish hair and another color of armor, later in the series he has black hair and another color of the armor. In Dragon Ball Kai, Vegeta's hair coloring error got corrected.

9- He has killed all the members of the Ginyu Special Forces 10 - Vegeta, the proud prince of the Saiyans, is currently a good man, plus one of the best parents and husbands of the franchise, who finds it difficult to openly express his feelings and prefer to be strict with himself and others in training.

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