Which Dragon Ball Super character are you according to your ZODIAC SIGN?

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12.- Aries - Android 17 You have an intense and passionate character, so your personality is fierce and tenacious as that of this beautiful android. You show so much security in your actions that in fact, sometimes the way you make radical decisions in your life can make you look like a rude person for some. However, everyone sees you as a leader by nature.

11.- Taurus - Piccoro Undoubtedly this one is of the most determined, persevering signs and although it is difficult for you to accept it, you have a sensitive heart; for this reason, you look a lot like the Namekiano Picoro. You are very transparent with people, and they consider you as an excellent friend in which they can trust blindly. Not to mention that a really impressive aspect in you, is that in your relationship you only live for that special person.
10.- Gemini - Zeno sama Your personality is full of nuances. Sometimes you are very charismatic, and sometimes you have such a strong character that you can be scary. Therefore it is inevitable to compare your way of being with the powerful "king of everything." Of course, you can communicate what you feel, and you are also an expert in knowing the intentions of others. And although you like to have everything under control, you also love to throw tantrums.
9.- Cancer - Gohan
You are a kind person by nature. You have a spiritual side that no other sign possesses, without mentioning that you give yourself entirely to your home and your family, and selflessly help those most in need. Does your way of being with the Saiyan Gohan become familiar to you? You are always willing to improve yourself and give your best.

8.- Leo - Billis It is no secret to anyone that you are a very annoying person, but at the same time, you have impressive strength and courage to overcome any challenge that comes your way. Curiously though the impression that others have of you is that you are a person "of care," inside you want to live with everyone and be very sociable, believe me, the same thing happens to Bills, the God of destruction. But yes, when something takes you out of your box, you can unleash hell itself.

7.-Capricorn - Krilin
The smile is always present on your face; your mood swings are not usually noticeable, you like to be optimistic and confident. You rarely get sick; you're someone who knows how to take good care of yourself especially if it's about health. You love to socialize, travel and party. You have the soul of an adventurer and sympathize very quickly with people, although you are selective about real friendships.

6.- Libra - Videl You are a hard-working, responsible and very creative person, for that reason you undoubtedly identify with the beautiful Videl. Of course, we talk about the current "Videl" in Dragon Ball Super, because as we remember, before, she had a spoiled child's character, although you as a Libra sometimes behave like that. You are very sensitive, but with a heart that anyone would envy.

5.- Scorpio - Freezer I will be very honest; there is nothing that distinguishes a scorpion more, than his perseverance and the desire to reach the top in any field in which it develops. You never allow yourself to be humiliated by anyone, precisely at this point, you are the living image of the merciless Emperor Frieza. Believe me, your tireless struggle to get ahead, makes you stand out always.
4.- Sagittarius - Vegeta The image that people have about you is that you are passionate, perseverant and very sexy. Undoubtedly, like the prince of the Saiyan, you have a way of acting that denotes trust and commitment. Although sometimes you usually have an exceptional character that only who loves you stands you. Of course, you have a very strong connection with your loved ones, becoming extremely protective.

3 JIREN -Virgo
You have a very developed imagination; your soul is more spiritual than the previous personalities. Curiosity kills you, and you are very thorough with the details. You love Mystery and intrigue. You almost always have a happy face, you don't like to expose your problems because you prefer that nobody gets into your life if you have not asked for it. You respect the life of others because you are very clear that each head is a world, also, you are always looking to learn from people.

2.- Aquarius - Goku Black
We do not have the slightest doubt that intelligence is your greatest quality, which you use to achieve all your objectives, in fact, you are an enviable strategist. Unfortunately, sometimes you let yourself be carried away by your impulses, and it is difficult for you to control yourself. On the other hand, you are probably the sign that most put your courage in bed. That's excellent luck to your partner.

1.- Pisces - Goku Unquestionably in your nature is that of being a dreamer. Every day is an adventure with you since you are full of surprises. No doubt you identify yourself correctly with this Saiyan. Being honest, suddenly you usually behave childishly but it is part of your essence. You also love your work and strive every day to get ahead, without mentioning that you are very transparent with your feelings, which makes you an extraordinary person.

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