Which character of the tournament of power are you, according to your birth month?

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Perfection is the main word that describes people born in this month, not precisely because they are perfect, but because they try hard to be so. They love to dress very well, are a little capricious and usually don't express their feelings quickly, but yes, they are very sensitive. They get bored easily and tend to be very stubborn.


They would say "you have very light blood," it's effortless for you to relate with others, it seems that you are always in a good mood because you know how to give each thing its space. Naturally, you tend to like everyone. You never usually get into others people lives, you don't like the critics, and you do not like to judge, you let everyone live their way because you want others to respect your life. You tend to be very optimistic and strive to achieve your goals.

 You have a very developed imagination; your soul is more spiritual than the previous personalities. Curiosity kills you, and you are very thorough with the details. You love Mystery and intrigue. You almost always have a happy face, you don't like to expose your problems because you prefer that nobody gets into your life if you have not asked for it. You respect the life of others because you are very clear that each head is a world, also, you are always looking to learn from people.

The smile is always present on your face; your mood swings are not usually noticeable, you like to be optimistic and confident. You rarely get sick; you're someone who knows how to take good care of yourself especially if it's about health. You love to socialize, travel and party. You have the soul of an adventurer and sympathize very quickly with people, although you are selective about real friendships.

 You are one of the people who does not have time for hatred, resentment, nerves, shame or depression, you just live! And that's great, the energy you transmit to others makes everyone want to be close to you. You are an adventurous and somewhat risky person, you know that the opportunities are never lost, that if you do not take advantage of it someone else will do so and for that reason, you always play it. Although you also know perfectly in what moments to be centered, your life and personality have a right balance.

Your sensitivity helps you to be compassionate with others, understand them and help them if they need you, however, you should spend a little more time on yourself, you dedicate so much to others that you forget about you. Your interests, your goals and your dreams It's time to organize your priorities and give yourself enough time to enjoy yourself and enjoy life. This year someone with a personality very similar to yours will arrive and will make you live incomparable moments. Only of you will depend on how unique and important that person becomes.

You tend to be aware of everything and never leave anything for later; you like things to be done as you want and at the moment, although you tend to be surrounded by many people you should be more careful because not everyone who claims to be your friends is real. Your great perseverance, strength, effort and responsibility, will take you this year to achieve those projects you have in mind and although your life plan is fabulous, you should remember that it is also good to have a social life and enjoy a little more.

You are a very independent and capable person who never feels the need of anyone, however, remember that the path is long and sometimes difficult, so do not close yourself to the possibility that at some point you could need someone, in the same way, be able to offer a helping hand when someone asks for it. It is perfect to have no limits as long as you act responsibly, remember it.

You are a charming and sometimes insecure person, On the outside you show that you are a powerful person, but inside you have been broken several times, it is good to show yourself sometimes as you are, you only have to learn to identify the real friendships if what you fear is that they come to criticize you or judge you. It would be good if you opened your heart because your personality, covered with so much seriousness, tends to alienate those who wish to conquer you.

You try to paint your life with colors because darkness is not your thing, you are also a very creative person who spends his time improvising and creating fantastic things. For you simple answers means boredom, you like to go beyond what you see at a glance. Complicate life to make it better, is your thing that is why achieving your goals will not be complicated because your personality helps a lot.

 You have vast horizons and put your projects first, above all, including yourself. You do not have any problem to adapt or integrate because you are a very self-confident person and you usually have the picture very clear, you are very practi.

You are a relatively balanced person. You enjoy the time you spend with your family and friends, but you still enjoy every minute you spend with yourself. You're always willing to reinvent yourself and grow, which is pretty good. You Don't fear changes; you don't fear to reflect and accept your mistakes. You consider that life is about it: to fail and learn.
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