Toei Animation reveals the continuity of 'Dragon Ball' through a new department

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Toei Animation announced that they would be going thru a restructuring process in their different departments from next April 1.
The main novelty that could be found in these changes will be the creation of the third department of planning and production of anime that will focus on Dragon Ball. Atsushi Suzuki, who worked as a producer of Digimon Adventure Tri, will be the manager of this new department that will take on the different projects of the franchise. It is worth mentioning that it is not the first time that companies modify their structures concerning the franchise created by Akira Toriyama, since the Shueisha publishing house, in charge of manga, established in 2016 a division dedicated to the saga

This new division is not the only one being planned. The Television Planning group is being renamed the Planning Division Department. The group will continue work on developing television anime. Takashi Washio will remain the department’s head but will step away from his gig at the company’s Film Office. This is some great news!

Can you imagine how awesome would it be If they put manpower to produce all sorts of spin off series from the other universes? Some stories like Hit’s journey to be the legendary assassin, Pride troopers in their early days, the story about Katopesla or maybe the harsh struggle of the Trio de dangers? How cool would that be!?

Maybe we can also FINALLY get to know who killed Jiren’s parents and master and all the other things. There are still a lot of mysteries surrounding the universes and the angels in fact. I just can’t imagine all the possibilities they can bring to the show. We just need to wait a year or two for it though. What do you guys think?

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