The best curiosities of chapter 131 Did you notice?

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The final chapter of Dragon Ball was finally published leaving many fans happy about the outcome of the tournament but also a bit sad since the series came to an end. However, it is very likely that it is a small break and that we have more adventures of the Z warriors in the near future.

Here we present the most exciting curiosities of chapter 131: The final chapter of Dragon Ball Super did not have the traditional opening at the beginning, this with the aim of having more time for the content of the animation.

Freezer once mentioned in the tournament that having a tail was an advantage, but Jiren showed him that sometimes it could be the opposite. The evil emperor chose to cut a part to get out of such a complicated situation. Whiss surprised us all by bringing Frieza back to life, he made it clear that his crosier has many uses, modify time, brings back to life, etc.

On previous occasions we have seen how Zarama swallowed the people who asked for the wish, becoming bigger and bigger. However, on this occasion, he only approached and received the orders of Daishinkan.

Bulma kept her promise and gave her cruise to Android 17, finally, her dream came true. In the images of the end of the series, we can see the Android relaxing for a while and talking on the Cellphone with Bulma on a platform very similar to Skype.

Also, the end of Dragon Ball Super had several scenes in tribute to the past
The final sequence between Goku and Vegeta was in the same place where the battle was in episode 30 of Dragon Ball Z which was aired on December 13, 1989.

29 Years later, March 25, 2018, they return to the same point, and we see how these warriors have progressed a lot.

The official Twitter shared a final image that is also a tribute to one of the last images of Dragon Ball Z. On that occasion it was Majin Boo, this time Bills, Whiss and Champa are in charge of raising their companions

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