No More Ultra Instinct, for this reason.

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No More Ultra Instinct?

Everyone is stressing about Ultra Instinct now. Everyone’s common question is that, “Can Goku use Ultra Instinct now or no??”. The answer right now is a straight No. Goku’s body isn’t capable enough to fully master and use Ultra Instinct. He needs to continue training to achieve it like he said – “We can still get stronger, Vegeta!”.

While I know it’s a bummer that he can’t use it anymore, it’s a bit of a happy ending for Vegeta fans. Vegeta is now technically the strongest mortal of Universe 7 at this point of the time line. He can still go to his SSB Evolution form which is above Goku’s SSB Kaioken x 20. He’s still inferior to Jiren though, which makes him 2nd in the multi-verse. (Goku fans, don’t fight over this for now).

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