Mystery resolved who is stronger after the tournament of power Goku or Vegeta?

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After finishing the antagonistic Dragon Ball Super series, many doubts have arisen, one of the main ones is Who is stronger? Goku or Vegeta, here we explain it to you.
If we notice well Goku surpassed Vegeta by far with the Ultra full instinct, there is no doubt about that, on the other hand, let's not forget that Goku was about to vanish and lose the tournament, but Vegeta gave him his energy.
With the energy that Goku received from Vegeta, he was able to remain standing in the tournament and later achieved the perfect ultra instinct. Meaning this that if Goku had not received the power of Vegeta, he would not have achieved it, since he no longer had any more energy, as well that this is also attribution of Vegeta.

On the other hand, Vegeta never achieved the Ultra instinct but in exchange for it he achieved the Super Saiyain Blue evolution or also called Vegeta ssj blue full power

At the end of the tournament, after the universe 7 came out victorious, there is an extraordinary scene in which Goku and Vegeta meet.

Vegeta asks Kakaroto what happened to the selfish doctrine, to which Goku responds that he cannot do it anymore, that it was accidentally activated in the tournament when feeling cornered.

Technically with this, we conclude that at the end of the power tournament it would be Vegeta the most powerful because he achieved and dominated the ssj blue full power. Do you have a different opinion? Leave it in the comments

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  1. What about supersaiyan blue kaioken 20x

  2. Goku achieve the MUI with the help of his friends trusting him... My point is Vegeta isn't the only reason why Goku achieve the MUI.... when Vegeta gave power to Goku it was a remaining power of Vegeta and gave it to Goku can stand up again..... because if you mean when Vegeta gave power to Goku he gained MUI... my question is are you saying that Vegeta's power is an UI energy to help goku gain MUI..... It is because friends of Kakarot/Goku is trusting him and that boost him up to fight to victory.... thats all