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Hello Friends here we go again informing you all about the Dragon Ball Super series, after finishing chapter 131, they reveal again the list of the top 10 animes. Here are the results:

1 Sazae-san: 12.8%
2 Chibi Maruko-chan: 8.6%
3 Detective Conan: 7.6%
4 One Piece: 6.6%
5 Dragon Ball Super: 5.7%
6 HUGtto! PreCure: 3.7%
7 Time Bokan 24 2ª Temporada: 3.6%
8 Soreike! Anpanman: 3.1%
9 Pokémon Sol & Luna: 3.0%
10 Tom & Jerry Búsqueda de espías: 2.9%

Remember that this list contains data only from Japan, so if you take into account the public in Latin America and other countries that love Dragon Ball, the series would take the number 1 spot.

In summary this is good news because Dragon Ball Super always stayed within the Top 10 most watched anime, so do not doubt for a second that this beautiful and great series will return soon.

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