Dragon Ball Super: look how the villain would be in the movie IMAGES

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Dragon Ball Super had its grand finale on Saturday, March 24, where we saw the final result of the Power Tournament and the outcome of the Universal Survival Saga. Goku, Freezer and Android 17 fought in an unexpected alliance, resulting in an epic battle against Jiren that no one will forget.

 Now, fans will wait a couple of years before seeing a chapter of the anime again, but they will not have to wait long to see Goku and his friends back in action. A week ago, a Dragon Ball Super movie was confirmed.

The same Toei Animation published the trailer for the animated film that would premiere on December 14 of this year. In it, we saw a Goku warming up, smiling because he would fight with a powerful enemy that many have theorized would be Yamoshi, the Original Super Saiyan, although no one is sure:

With this trailer, many fans and artists have wanted to represent their version of Goku's new enemy. Among all of them, one has stood out for making a fairly faithful version of what could be the new great enemy of the Z warriors:

This is Maniaxoi, a graphic artist who has a style very similar to the original artists of the series. This is not his first job since in his channel of DeviantArt he has done different works of Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Z.

Would this be the representation that most resembles the new great enemy of Goku? At the moment we can not know it. We have to wait that Toei Animation or Akira Toriyama give us more information about this new Dragon Ball Super movie.



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