Dragon Ball Super has Special Surprise in the end , New Saga?

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Howdy, everyone, we have got some great news, Dragon Ball Super Present Director Nakamura gave an interview in which he answered many questions.
So, all Goku fans who were disappointed by 131 spoilers can read this news and calm down, there would be something special in the end. Here is the full conversation (Via Herms98 and Kanzenshuu) 131 will feature the best animator according to us, that is Yuya Takahashi (He animated 110 and 123).
Nakamura: “Even after the story is over, please keep watching until the end and don’t change the channel, there will be something special!”

Anyway, hopefully, Dragon Ball Super is not the true end of the Dragon Ball franchise/series as a whole. Thanks to the additions of new characters and universes, there are far more diverse stories that are possible.

what's your opinion about it ?

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