Dragon Ball Super Finale Confirms New Arc Coming Soon

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The next arc of Dragon Ball Super is still not confirmed, but there’s a lot of places in the timeline that can start a new story for the series. The most speculated one is just after the end of Z. After training Uub, Goku and his friends will encounter a rogue Saiyan, which is likely from the past, as seen in the preview. It is also speculated that this unknown Saiyan is Yamoshi, who might turn out to be the first Super Saiyan. Whatever the next arc would be, the December 2018 movie will bring a big impact for the next story.

But before we even take a look at the future, let’s enjoy the final episode of Dragon Ball Super. Final form Frieza and Super Saiyan Goku bring a lot of memories from Planet Namek. Vegeta was even surprised by the development of things. If Frieza is going to be a new ally from now on, then he can’t be suspected of revenge again. He was seen in Master Roshi’s flashback after all. It seems unlikely for him to be on the good side, but nothing is impossible in Dragon Ball Super.

As we already know this Saturday the newest and latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super that has been officially announced by Toei Animation is going to be released. Although it is true Dragon Ball Super returns in December with a film focused on the origin of the Saiyins anxiously expected by all fans, GeGeGe no Kitaro is the series that will take Dragon Ball Super place on Sundays at 9:00 AM in Japan

now getting deeper and calculating the new series GeGeGe no Kitaro will only have 50 chapters, if we do the numbers the show would be ending in April 2019, so the supposition is that it will be then when the wonderful Dragon Ball Superseries return. The reality is that the truth of this whole issue, only Akira Toriyama, Toyotarou and the rest of the production knows it. But after these revelations, we can guess that the wait is probably not going to be so long and, of course, the hypothesis that we will eventually have an episode 132 has been reinforce.

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