Akira Toriyama Just Revealed A New (Villainous?) Saiyan!

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Did you like the short teaser which was released just a few hours back for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie? If you still haven’t watched it, you can watch it down below but let’s talk about something else. Just after the teaser was dropped, I went full crazy and started searching for new info but I didn’t get much.

After seeing the teaser, we all very well know that there is going to be a new main character, maybe the villain which will fight against Goku. This might be a new Saiyan which was revealed and seems to double as the Dragon Ball Super’s villain. You cannot overlook that stunning reveal. We didn’t get a look over his whole body or face though.

This week, Anime Japan is going down in Tokyo, and the event released a slew of new information about Dragon Ball Super. Not only was a new game for the series announced, but Dragon Ball Super also shared its first movie teaser. The video, which is found in the end, shows Goku facing off against a mysterious villain.

Dragon Ball Legends — a “one finger card action battle” game developed in conjunction with Dimps (previously of the Budokai and XENOVERSE game series) — is slated for release across 52 countries localized in English, French, German, traditional Chinese, and Korean (with voices in Japanese and English). 

Also in Anime Japan, a character’s design has gone live, and he looks all kinds of intense. He doesn’t seem EXACTLY the same as the villain / saiyan we saw in the teaser but we may never know. He could maybe transform or something. It’s confirmed that this Saiyan would be the main character in the new game though.

As you can see above, writer Deb Aoki live-tweeted the Dragon Ball panel. She shared the presentation’s look at a new character, and fans can see the guy looks suspiciously like the villain Goku faces in the trailer. He also resembles the hero a good bit, but don’t worry! It doesn’t look like fans are getting another go at Goku Black.

It isn’t confirmed that the villain and Goku are related, but they be in some way. After all, the pair are both Saiyans. The unnamed character is shown with long black hair that neither Vegeta nor Goku have rocked before. Its spiky style looks familiar, and its dark coloration continues the long line of Saiyans with black hair.

According to Aoki, this new character will be a main one in the Dragon Ball Super movie as well as the new Dragon Ball Legends game. The guy is said to be a “Saiyan from a time that’s not from Goku’s time,” but there is no confirmation on his villain or movie status just yet. Fans have been quick to compare this guy to the briefly shown villain in today’s new trailer.

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