Jiren’s Back Story Is Finally Revealed And It’s Heart Breaking!!

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Hey guys! How’s it going? I am pretty sure you all saw or are planning to watch the latest Dragon Ball Super episode 127 which came out just a few hours back. Well the episode just blew me away. The episode was really good with so many heart breaking moments. This post obviously contains MAJOR spoilers so if you want to leave, leave now.
Jiren’s back story and past was revealed in the episode. I thought the story would be a bit more dramatic or you know some big scale stuff but even though it was okayish. So Jiren’s parents were killed by this evil-doer. So Jiren was pretty much scarred for life as he was really small and powerless. I feel really bad for Jiren here.
When everything seemed to be going downhill, Jiren was saved by this mysterious man. Later, this man himself would become Jiren’s martial arts / fighting teacher and teach him lots of things. He taught Jiren all the right values and meaning of strength, etc. He was a good man and Jiren respected him a lot.
Jiren under his guidance, tried to reach something which is even beyond strength. If you remember he revealed this in the previous episodes as well that what he seeks is beyond some physical strength. Jiren just wanted to walk the right path along with his teacher and gain strength.

During his time with the teacher, Jiren also gained new companions. All these companions were trust worthy allies and Jiren deeply respected them too. He was finally actually happy in life and I think he was thinking that he is near to his goal – Seeking something beyond strength. But then obviously something bad had to happen. How could someone lead a happy life…
The god damn villain returned. The evil-doer. He returned and I am getting some very bad feeling about it. Well of course, Jiren has grown a bit, gotten some companions and learned from his teacher but will it be enough? We will know just in a bit. The evil-doer himself is quite strong and shouldn’t be underestimated. Well I guess even Jiren would be furious hearing about his return.

Well there it goes. One by one, JIren’s companions were killed. I am pretty sure the whole group tried to fight back the evil doer but it didn’t work out pretty well. Well then I guess they were picked off one by one and the evil doer mercilessly killed each and every companion of Jiren while only he and his teacher remain.
 Well obviously, his teacher this time as well saved Jiren again. I am pretty sure Jiren would have become a son type figure for the teacher. The last thing the teacher would want is Jiren to be killed by the evil doer. He gladly sacrificed his own life to save the young Jiren. What a teacher really, massive respect for you.
So in the end, only Jiren remained and the only thought he was having was – The weak could do nothing but obey the strong. That’s certainly true in the world where survival of the fittest is the major key. o that’s why Jiren is hung up on winning so much. Winning will bring companions. Winning would get him everything.

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