One Viral ’Dragon Ball' Tweet Just Named A Kid Goku

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Over on Facebook, Carlos Sanchez asked the people of Earth to lend him their power against his wife - wait, what? Yes, the man took to social media to overrule his wife about their son’s name, and Sanchez managed to see his mission through.

The man posted a photo of himself with a handwritten sign asking for likes. “My wife said if I get 1 [million] like [sic] I can name our son Goku,” the poster read. In the picture, Sanchez is seen standing before a Dragon Ball Z movie poster, and it seems his dedication has paid off.

After all, the picture has more than 1.4 million likes as of right now.

Sanchez won the battle against his wife, and the fan updated his supporters about his victory not long ago. He posted a video on Facebook featuring his wife who promised to keep her word. The clip shows the woman holding a sign that reads, “I’m keeping my word. Our son’s name will be Goku Sanchez.”

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