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However, if you don’t mind spoilers, then let’s dive right in. Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power is getting closer, and closer to the climax. We have just 12 minutes remaining on the clock now, and there are 3 Universes left at the moment. These are Universe 3, Universe 7, and of course, Universe 11.
The next Universe to get eliminated from the Tournament of Power will be Universe 3, and I think most of you would’ve predicted that already. In Episode 120, Universe 3 will finally make its move. From Universe 7, Gohan is likely to take the center stage, and fight it out with the fused Universe 3 warriors. However, this battle won’t be ending in the next episode. Episode 121 is also going to be focused on Universe 3 and will be the climax of the battle between Universe 3 and Universe 7.

It is possible that Universe 7 might lose some warriors in Dragon Ball Super Episode 121, so things definitely won’t go perfectly for them. The preview image for Dragon Ball Super Episode 121 is out, and as you can see, it shows us 5 Universe 7 warriors.

There is Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Freeza, and 17. 18 is missing, which makes me believe that 18 has been eliminated in Episode 121 of Dragon Ball Super. Despite losing 18, Universe 7 will likely defeat Universe 3 in their final battle. With about 9 minutes remaining in the Tournament of Power, Universe 7 will finally be taking on Universe 11, which is what most people were excited about from the beginning. We also have minor spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Episode 122.

It is likely that Vegeta is going to challenge Jiren to a fight in Dragon Ball Super Episode 122, and he might be getting Ultra Instinct soon. His battle with Jiren could end in 122, or it could drag to Episode 123, and if that happens, I’m sure Vegeta will get some sort of power up. The Tournament of Power is getting exciting by the minute, and I’m pretty sure everyone will enjoy the climax of the Tournament of Power because Universe 11 is a capable opponent.

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